Your watch is guaranteed against all manufacturing defects for a period of two years from the date of its purchase. In the package box is an original international warranty card. During the guarantee period the repair will be free of charge for labour and parts, if the technical service accept the detective part to be a result of a manufacturing fault. In the package box is an original international warranty card.

This guarantee does not cover:

  • damage to the crystal, winder, crown, pushers, battery, push-pins or watch band;
  • request for replacement or reimbursement;
  • damage being a consequence of normal wear and tear or caused by mishandling, accidents or misuse due to non respect of instruction for use and maintenance;
  • repairs done and batteries replaced by a non professional watchmaker or not authorized technical service or done by the customer himself;
  • any damage caused by inappropriate use, such as sharp knocks, extreme heat, cold or magnetic fields.

Water Resistance
This is a guide to the terms used to describe Water Resistance and advice as to what activities can safely be carried out at each level.

No Indication
A watch is NOT water resistant unless stated on the dial or case back. Watches that are not indicated to be water resistant to any degree should NOT be worn whilst washing hands, dishes or showering etc.

Water Resistant Watches
The notion of water resistance to a given depth (e.g. 30m, 50m, 100m) is based on the fact that the case has been designed to withstand a STATIC laboratory test to the stated depth for SHORT periods only. The number of meters shown does not indicate the depth that the watch can be taken to.

Most water resistant watches are NOT designed for prolonged and active use in water. The only watches designed to withstand these types of conditions are professional divers watches.

Water Resistant
If a watch is simply described as "Water Resistant" or "WR", then it is splash proof. There is no absolute guarantee, but this means that it should be fine in normal wear, including going out in the rain and hand washing, but not where any immersion in water takes place such as washing dishes, showering, bathing, etc.

Water Resistant to 30m/3ATM/98ft
Suitable for everyday use and will withstand accidental splashing, but NOT suitable for swimming.

Water Resistant to 50m/5ATM/164ft
Suitable for everyday use and swimming, but NOT suitable for poolside diving, snorkelling or water sports.

Water Resistant to 100m/10ATM/328ft
Suitable for everyday swimming and snorkelling, but NOT suitable for high board diving or sub aqua diving.

Water Resistant to 200m/20ATM/662ft
Suitable for all high impact water sports and scuba diving at depths NOT requiring helium gas (at these depths it is recommended that a professional diver's watch be purchased).

* Only watches marked "Divers" on the dial should be used for diving, as they fully comply with the international standards for divers watches.

Watch manufacturers use other terms to measure water resistance:

  • A.T.M. (atmosphere), where 1 A.T.M. equals 10 meters.

Bar, where 1 bar equals 10 meters.


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